A Guiding Question to Live By

After a decade long journey through the darkness, I have developed a moral compass to guide my unfolding and evolving leading to my transformation. This moral compass or guiding life question can help elevate the strain and stress of living with the chaos and messiness of the human experience as well as the chaos and stress of living with permanent physical, mental and energetic health challenges. My guiding question is as follows:

How does what I am doing at this moment align with my true nature’s commitment to live and grow in my ability to live a more sustainable, socially just, peaceable and meaningful life while optimizing my physical, mental, and energetic well being?

This is the question I read every morning when I get up and at different intervals during the day. It is the question that spurs my reflection at the end of each day. It supports me and assures me that I am living a life well lived despite some of the challenges I face on a daily basis. It is where I find some daily inner peace while living in pain and distress. Without some sense of inner peace, I would not be able to be about any outer peace. It begins at home and in how I choose to live out my daily lived experience regardless of the challenges I face each day with my anxiety and PTSD. It does not eradicate my constant companion – hypervigilance – but helps me to live a purposeful driven life.


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