I Choose Not to Forgive

Last year I was looking at a brochure for an international conference on PTSD. One of the keynote topics was on Forgiveness and Resiliency.   It made me think about the act of forgiveness and if that was something I was comfortable doing at this point on my journey. After a year of reflection, I can honestly say that I clearly choose not to forgive. I do not think it is my job to forgive. I think my job is use the power of my anger to create a life that I self author. My job is to create the life I am worthy of, one that helps me to reach my fullest potential and become more self actualized while managing a physical illness. My job is to use the power of my love to love another into their greatness and to address injustices. It is by doing these bold acts that I find resiliency on a daily basis. I do not think forgiveness alone can transcend the physical brain and body challenges due to early and prolonged trauma.

5 thoughts on “I Choose Not to Forgive

  1. janetcate Post author

    Glad you found my site and you liked my thoughts about forgiveness. I am also glad to have found your site. I enjoyed reading many of your blogs. Look forward to following it.

    1. grace to survive

      Well, thank you!

      I think one piece of no longer feeling the clawing loneliness that hunted me since childhood has to do with writing my blog. It has connected me with women who are more caring, supportive and compassionate than the group of people I was raised with. (Most others refer to this group as ‘family.’)

      Women I have never met but feel I know better than anyone I have met.

      1. janetcate Post author

        I have been freed from the loneliness that has haunted me as well. I am just learning how to connect with people though blogging. I spend a great deal of time alone in my home so blogging and my other online communities I have found a spurring my growth. I do love the honesty I am getting from the blogs I have been reading. I would love to read your book in entirety. I still need to have a book. I think you said you can get it at Amazon. Let me know the details.

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