Owning My Past Energetic Wounds

I have recognized that my body holds my past energetic wounds deep inside my tissues, and I am working on letting the energy flow daily. I just spent an hour re-listening to Panache Desai’s first seminar in his Energy Immersion Program called Vibrational Attunement. In this seminar, he focuses on leaving your hands open to receive energy that will break up the energetic density (past wounds) stored within our energy centers in our bodies. I realized last week that underneath all the anger and murderous rage embedded in my cellular body is deep shame for feeling weak and vulnerable. It does hold a vibrational density in my energy centers within my body. I just need to feel it within my body and be open to having some movement and flow of energy in the area. I feel it in my second chakra.

Also, I need to celebrate that I can name and feel these powerful emotions (anger, hate, murderous rage and shame) deep within my cellular structures. I need to celebrate that I am connected to my body enough to feel the power of their tremendous energy stored within my body. It really makes me more fully human, fully alive. Also, it shows me that I have really grown in my ability to be attuned to my body and its needs. I realize that most of my life I have spent dissociated from my body. Furthermore, I now understand that these emotions are a valued part of me, they are a part of me that I am growing fond of having because it is the depth of my human experience. I always thought I needed to hide or get rid of these emotions and energy to be loveable and worthwhile. I am so glad I have let go of that old belief. These emotions (anger, murderous rage, hate and shame) are part of my magnificent and brilliant self which, once again, is living more fully human, more fully alive.

4 thoughts on “Owning My Past Energetic Wounds

  1. tellingheavysecrets

    Really liked your post and the idea of feeling and accepting all of the depth of our experiences for the first time! We can’t run away from the past and so we take it with us but transform the suffering into something positive.

    1. janetcate Post author

      Your right. At some point in out transformation, we are able to change how we look at our pain and suffering. I am in the process of that right now. My PTSD is definitely bringing me into a deeper relationship with life. After a 10 year journey in therapy, I am more alive than ever. I have just not eradicated my PTSD.


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