A New Way of Thinking About My PTSD

I am exploring a new way of thinking and being which contrasts strongly with my past history of dealing with my three biggest challenges which are my severe PTSD, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. Rather than feeling anger, frustration, and self- hatred, I am now claiming them as part of my perfect design, my true essence, instead of seeing them as a sickness, illness, or defective part of my brain and body.

As I put my feet on the floor each morning, I now choose to connect to the powerful creative life force pulsating through the universe. I embrace that this powerful creative process has a perfect design. I claim that I too am part of this powerful creative force evolving in perfect design. This has helped me to embrace my severe PTSD, chronic fatigue and chronic pain as part of my perfect design. I will endeavor not see them as problems any more that need to be fixed. I will embrace them as part of my brilliance and perfection.

Furthermore, I am starting to believe that my body constriction, hypervigilance and PTSD are part of my purpose and are avenues to help foster my growth so I may gather greater evolutionary enlightenment. I have accepted them as part of my true essence and I am jumping into life and creating a new purpose and intention for my life – evolutionary enlightenment. In this purpose and intention I find an inner vitality, freedom and richness that brings me bliss on a daily basis. Also, I see the power of my social potential in the world through my blogging and commenting on others’ blogs for now.

In addition, I will look upon my exhaustion, anxiety and constant pain as a way of being able to increase my compassion and improve my non-judgmental stance towards myself. These qualities are bringing additional softness and vitality to my life which will enhance my ability to be in deeper connection and relationship to all of life.

Finally, I believe that gracefully accepting help from others to meet the needs of my PTSD, chronic fatigue and chronic pain enriches both my life and that of others.


2 thoughts on “A New Way of Thinking About My PTSD

    1. janetcate Post author

      One of the things that has really become deeply rooted in me in the last months is that deep within I have the answers to my healing. Also, I had to change what healing meant. I am more fully my essential self, my authentic self. That is my healing. I have not cured my PTSD, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. They are just part of my lived experience now.


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