Monthly Archives: April 2015

Finding Ambassadors to Guide Us in Life

It has been so hard to write the last few days. I have been involved with many seminars and I tend to get overwhelmed and my writing shuts down. Over-stimulation can take many forms (even too much light) and it shuts much of me down.

In last week’s blogs I talked about my lack of grieving during my 3 miscarriages. After thinking this week, intellectually and emotionally I think I have processed these losses, however, I never let out the embodied emotions that accompanied these losses. Not only do I have the embodied grief of these miscarriages, I have the grief of not having had my need for safety met in my life until a few years ago. I am grieving the loss of curiosity and spontaneity in life due to lack of feeling safe for all those years. Also, I am grieving the lack of emotional validation in my life and the intense loneliness I felt in a large family and community. There are many other losses as well. Continue reading

Recovering My Womanhood and Reclaiming My Feminine Power

My husband brought three angel pins home the other day, one for each of the miscarriages we had together. It was such a beautiful thought. I have been trying to make peace and to mourn these miscarriages. I never did that when they happened. Yesterday, I held the pins in my hands and began a conversation with them. Continue reading

On the Road to Discovering My Feminine Power

Yesterday I learned that I truly love attending to the inner realm and to my home life – a very feminine quality that I have discovered I thrive in. Also, I am very receptive to other people’s energies and emotions, another feminine quality. I am a nurturer of the world’s children never having had any of my own. I feel a deep love for so many, especially my nieces and nephews and my great nieces and nephews. Continue reading