Recovering My Womanhood and Reclaiming My Feminine Power

My husband brought three angel pins home the other day, one for each of the miscarriages we had together. It was such a beautiful thought. I have been trying to make peace and to mourn these miscarriages. I never did that when they happened. Yesterday, I held the pins in my hands and began a conversation with them. If I really want to touch into my feminine power I must grieve the loss of our children. I must clear my womb space so it may freely create in new ways. I have so much shame hidden in my uterus about being feminine in the first place. Some of it is historical shame passed down through generations in my own family legacy as well as the history of women in general. Some of it is because of the extent of the sexual abuse and the disowning of my femininity and my feminine body. Some of it is because of my inability to carry a child to full term, even though there is a medical condition that contributed to the miscarriages, I still feel shame.

Therefore I have done several activities this week to connect to the power of my womb to create and to free the shame held there for a lifetime. First, I did this period of visualization. I placed a hot water bottle on my lower belly and imagined a frozen reservoir of water being melted and then flowing freely out from my uterus. Within this water was the shame as well as the stuck energy blocking the freedom of my 2nd chakra. I never really have done visualization before but I got the idea out of the Wild Feminine book by Tami Lynn Kent that I am reading. I intend to continue this practice for a while.

Next, I repeated this mantra several times –“ I see you, I hear you, I honor the feminine within me and the brilliance and creativity of my womb space.” I really never saw myself as free enough or safe enough to be creative, although as I think about it now, my teaching style for 25 years was extremely creative.

What I am finding is that these techniques are incredibly grounding. If I feel hypervigilant or that I am beginning the process of dissociating I place my hand on my lower belly and connect to the power of the feminine. It has been very calming. Focusing on one area of my body has brought into light my whole feminine body which has sparked another ritual I have just taken up. I stand in front of the mirror and say to my whole body that “I see you, I hear you, and I honor you.” I then begin the process of massaging essential oils into my body. I do go for body massage and rolfing but now I want to do self-healing. I want to be the massager of my own body. I want to be the nurturer and caretaker of a body that really was never seen, heard, or honored. For me, being affected by all the experiences of sexual abuse and assault I had completely shut myself off from the needs and desires of my body. Now it is time to reclaim my sensual and sexual body and the beauty of it just the way it is at this moment in time.

I know myself enough that I will want to cure or fix this part of me quickly so I will be released from the burden of the shame that I carry. This time I feel that I need to allow for a longer time to heal, not the quick fix. I am thinking I need to repeat the mantra “I see, hear, and honor the needs of my body.” My body screams for gentle nurturing and that is what I am doing.

This is a major part of me claiming and recovering my feminine power.

9 thoughts on “Recovering My Womanhood and Reclaiming My Feminine Power

  1. grace to survive

    This part especially, WOW!
    “being affected by all the experiences of sexual abuse and assault I had completely shut myself off from the needs and desires of my body. Now it is time to reclaim my sensual and sexual body and the beauty of it just the way it is at this moment in time.”

    1. grace to survive

      I neglected to include in my response about your sharing the three losses of babies. I cannot imagine such pain and am so sorry for such grievous losses. You made quite a satisfying life in your career in spite of it. Must be the grieving process went by the wayside. And to grieve three times would mean a very long period of grieving, get past one, then another, and another. Mind boggling. But here you are. I am most in admiration of you above so many others, not only because of your many achievements career wise, but also with present day challenges, you persist with great dignity and kindness.

      1. janetcate Post author

        I am just beginning to feel how mind boggling it is to mourn 3 miscarriages. But I am doing well. Thanks for your kind words. I truly appreciate them.

  2. Heathers Helpers

    I have been enjoying the writings you have done lately on reclaiming your womanhood/femininity. I have taken a lot from them. In my life, I do everything I can to not be attractive because of fear. I don’t want to attract attention. These posts have helped me see things a bit differently. Thank you.
    Also, please let me tell you how sorry that I am for the children that you lost due to miscarriage. I’ve been through that and also lost a full term son. My heart goes out to you and I hope that you can find a place of peace in your heart and your mind. Hugs x x x x

    1. janetcate Post author

      I glad you have enjoyed my blogs and that you found them helpful. Sorry we have the bond of losing children. I am working to find that place of peace but first I need to grieve. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Cat

    Hi Janet… The pain of losing your beautiful children to miscarriage is something I can’t even begin to imagine how it feels. Allowing yourself time to grieve and heal is so important. Your husband sounds gem

  4. cupid3156

    Janet I feel so blessed to know you and witness your courage on your journey thru pain. You give me courage and hope. I too am so sorry about your babies, and the grief you have to feel now. You are a great mother to many children big and small. Don’t ever think your not doing enough. You are enough.
    Love, Allayn

    1. janetcate Post author

      Thanks for your support and encouragement. I too feel blessed to have developed this friendship between us. I am truly learning that I am enough. That is one of the good things that has come out of not being able to work.


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