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Learning from the Unexpcted


Early Morning

The other day my husband was reading the novel, The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown, and he came across some writing that he felt compelled to share with me because he thought it would help me with my struggle about my perception of God. This is a topic I have avoided discussing in this blog until now. This blog reflects my thoughts alone; I do not intend to try to change anyone else’s beliefs.

I am glad so my husband trusted his instinct and his intimate knowledge of my journey of learning and discovery. Continue reading


I was listening to the free Hay House Summit 2015 sessions and I heard an affirmation that Louise Hay wrote.

All is well.

Everything is working out for my greater good.

Out of this situation only good will come.

I am safe.

After many years of great darkness and hard work on my part, my husband’s part and that of my therapist, I can truly believe in these words. I have learned that I can trust life. This does not take away the fear and terror so common with PTSD but I continue to learn and discover that I can trust life while also holding the fear and terror. This is because I continue to learn to trust my own intuition and my own heart, body, womb, and gut intelligences. My trust is getting stronger every day and this brings me great joy and bliss. It may have taken me 56 years to see the whole picture of my life and to see that goodness has come out of it all. Today, I truly believe that I am safe.

Happy Anniversary to me! Dawn of Another Day


Blogging has brought me clarity and purpose and helped me evolve. I hope it has done the same for others!

This was my first blog on May 12, 2014.

One of the gifts of the last 10 years is that I’ve learned to live each day as it comes. Otherwise I get overwhelmed by sadness that my pain will continue for the rest of my life. So sunrise has become important to me! I’m often up early, since I don’t sleep well anyways.