Abundance of Joy

Yesterday my body was racked with pain. I could not do a thing. It killed to hold a glass of water or to try to get dressed. I could feel my fear about how bad would this pain get and how long would it last. I could feel my deep disappointment with living with this great discomfort. I could feel my anger at this not resolving itself no matter what I did. However, what brought me grace (joy) was that I was able to regard my human self with great compassion and empathy. I was able to feel all the feelings in my body and celebrate my humanity in not wanting to suffer. I was able to bring great love and understanding to myself completely.

A second thing that brought me great joy was watching my husband and dog play together. I could feel the joy, connection, and youthful exuberance they both brought to each other. I was just so grateful to be in their presence and to be an observer of such a bond.

Today I have been able to see my reflection of love in everything that came into my path. This is what my purpose is in the world – to reflect love, joy and light energetically out into the universe. I am so grateful that I have found several groups in which to reflect this light, joy and love – my teleconference women’s group and when I meditate in a global community on the Amplified Field (www.app.amplified.com). On this site there is a wonderful daily gratitude meditation at 10:30 am that expands and extends the depth of my gratitude.


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