The Gifts of Symptoms

Sometimes I think there is so much pressure to cure myself right now especially after listening to a Winter of Wellness Summit by the Shift Network. It seems like having an illness is wrong, that you are doing something wrong because you are not curing yourself and no alternative medicines are working either. Today I am proclaiming that I can receive and celebrate the many gifts I have found through my illnesses.

Two gifts I blogged about recently were connecting with deep love and gratitude. I think I have also learned how to be really vulnerable and intimate in a relationship by being my authentic self. Furthermore, I learned to be dependent on another person and I no longer feel the shame of needing lots of support and care. In addition I have learned how to reverence my mind and body and listen to their wisdom especially the wisdom of my symptoms. Listening and feeling the wisdom of my symptoms can bring you to an incredible level of consciousness and deep stillness. What I have found is a new passion and vitality for living my sacred contract as a mystic in many relationships. For that I am eternally grateful. Finally, I learned to release the body energy of shame from having what I thought was a weakness of character and body and instead celebrate the incredible courage it takes to live this conscious and awakened life.


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