Ups and Downs of Life’s Experiences

Last night I felt such elation and joy for where I am in my life. Today I am feeling such opposite feelings of discomfort and uneasiness. It is a challenge to get to the next right thing. I am remembering my blog from yesterday and trying to hold with great compassion the humanness of life’s everyday experiences with its ups and downs. I long for the elation but realize that is not the human experience.

I feel alone with my sadness today. I think I am just so strung out from the pain I have been in this week. I will sit with these feelings with open hands and take my inquiry stance towards life and self discovery. I am feeling desolation, depression and desperation today and a deep desire to connect more with the ethereal world. It is the longing for deeper union to life force energy. I have an unquenchable thirst and hunger for this deeper union to source.

As I was sitting with the feelings of desperations, desolation and depression my eye caught a glimpse of the sun setting. It was beautiful and brought me right back to my connection with source. Again, I felt the inner smile pulsate through my entire body while also holding what I was feeling. It felt great to be so fully human, so fully alive.

This is my gift, which is an ability to feel the full range of life’s experiences with great compassion.


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