A Change in Perspective

I am going to start regarding my illnesses as not a problem. I am going to let them be something other than a threat. I think of them as a threat because they leave me feeling so vulnerable and brings up my uncertainty of being abundantly enough as I am right now. I am going to experience them as an expression of higher sound vibration and frequency that is moving through my body. I am going to treat my hyperarousal as information and listen with my heart, trying to feel what to it is intending to teach me.

I am going to see it as part of a continuity of consciousness moving through me. I am going to start to see my hyperarousal as an excitement about feeling and embodying my own divinity. I am receiving wisdom in my deepest inner self. I sit today with open hands for what it teaches me and I am grateful for all the lessons it has already taught me. It has brought me to my deeper self and my deepest heart’s desire.

My hyperarousal is teaching me that I need to ground myself constantly, using Mother Nature as my teacher. This allows me to enter into deeper meditation and helps me find stillness in my heart despite my suffering.



2 thoughts on “A Change in Perspective

  1. janetcate Post author

    Thanks! Your comment has helped me do a lot of reflection. I really do hold nirvana with my suffering. It does radiate joy through every cell of my body at the same time as feeling the suffering. It has come from finding the deep stillness within me. Actually, I feel called to deeper and deeper stillness. I am glad I am able to be in a place where I can relax and rest with the stillness while feeling my hypervigilance.


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