Taking an Inquiry Stance to Self-Discovery

This was another challenging night of sleep and I again woke up highly aroused. In my early morning reflection, I felt the grief for my suffering while at the same time holding so much excitement about my life and how each moment is a moment of infinite possibility. I have such a rich and vibrant learning community on line whose main focus is personal expansion. There are so many ways to expand your soul by taking an inquiry stance to self discovery. This is what I am dedicating my life to each day. It is an exhilarating way to live and it brings me great joy, however, it contributes to my suffering and inability to sleep. I am fortunate to have found a gift, I have learned to hold and dance with it all. I am full of immense gratitude.


2 thoughts on “Taking an Inquiry Stance to Self-Discovery

  1. janetcate Post author

    I have actually had a change in medication and it has made a huge difference in my sleeping. So I am truly grateful for that. It is much easier to hold the suffering with compassion when rested. Thanks for noticing that I do hold each moment as precious.


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