An Invitation to Deeper Intimacy

My light and energy are vibrating through my body. I can feel this deep inner smile in every cell of my being. The universe is inviting me to deeper intimacy with my human, divine, sovereign, self. I feel unexplored vastness around the intimacy that is possible. An infinite potential for greater intimacy exists in every moment for me. It is beyond my present understanding and I eagerly await my evolving into deeper understanding of this level of intimacy with all of life.

For example, over the last 2 weeks I felt an invitation to deeper intimacy with all that is and I basked in the beauty of such intimacy in each sunrise and sunset, in the ice crystals glittering in the snow, in the dog bouncing through 16 inches of new snow, in our family time outside with the dog and in the wispy clouds in the sky. Presently, this intimacy is calling me to greater connection with source and with all that is. I am complete and at the same time I am holding my suffering with great compassion and sadness.


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