A Sense of Safety Eludes Me

I feel a depth of intimacy with all of life. I feel this deep intimacy with my soul and my intuition. I am able to trust them enough to let them lead me throughout my day. They are leading me to a way of being that focuses on being present with the beauty and peace that surrounds me.

Each day I pray that I will know what it is like to feel this sense of safety with such beauty and peace yet this feeling eludes me because I have not gotten comfortable with my never ending suffering and hyperarousal. I have to be safe with this part of my essence and continue to learn to hold it with such beauty and peace as well. I sit with my hands wide open beckoning the universe to help me hold it all with compassion and gentleness, while also being compassionate with myself and my suffering.


3 thoughts on “A Sense of Safety Eludes Me

  1. janetcate Post author

    Thanks for your comment. It took me so long to respond because it made me really think. I do have real deep moments of safety and it only continues to grow deeper and deeper as I embrace the innocence and vibrancy of my inner child and let nature and my significant others, my husband, my dog and my therapist, love me as I am. To love and accept me with my PTSD, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. Today, I celebrate that I can rest in that deep love and there is where my safety lies.
    Again, thanks for the comment.


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