In the past few days my pain level has been a 10. Yesterday, I struggled with the vulnerability of having such high needs for help, support and love because I was unable to do much for myself. The feelings of being a burden and being perceived as weak crept back into my mind. Grief over having Chronic Illness was so present in my day. However, today I am looking at it much differently.

Today I am being fully embodied in the present moment with the pain and suffering. I am seeing this time as a sacred time of deep stillness and celebrating my ability to just be with the pain and suffering. Also, I feel deep wholeness and at one with all that is. I am celebrating my quiet, slowed down and contemplative lifestyle. I am able to descend into a deeply embodied experience and I am able to love myself deeply with the pain, suffering and dependency for help. I am full of love for a caring husband and an intuitive dog who both seem to know what I need. I am full of gratitude for what is and for the freedom and grace in my life.


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