Time to Rest

After a 13 year process, I feel it is time for me to rest in ease, love and grace while at the same time recognizing the great distress from my hypervigilance. It is time for me to rest in self love, self mastery and self realization while at the same time experiencing my illnesses. It is time for me to celebrate the life I have built over these 13 years; a beautiful life of a mystic in relationship. There have been some long and harrowing years but feel that I have come to this place of completion. I am so grateful for those who have journeyed these years with me. Their love and support was always completely felt and really saved my life.

I am finding now that the easiest place to rest is in the embrace of nature. I sit with my feet on the earth gently feeling the soothing energy of Mother Earth come in to my body and move through my body and completely nourishing me. I feel at one with the air and I feel its gentle caress. The strength of the trees and their deep roots help to ground me in my own power and strength. I feel the lightheartedness of the birds as they sing their sweet melody which reminds me to lighten up. I feel the warmth of the sun gently penetrating my body and bringing light and energy to me. I see the beauty and power of it all and I am lovingly embraced and supported. Nature calls me to rest in ease, love and grace. I am so thankful for how deeply it speaks to me.

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