Reflection Time

This morning has been a period of deep reflection and silence as I waited dawn, listening to the birds. I have this practice that each morning I greet dawn by saying yes to all that the day will hold for me. This has become easier to do because I am at a place that I am deeply rooted in the belief that everything that happens in my life is contributing to my empowerment, liberation, freedom and expansion while increasing my ability to be a co-creator of my life. All of what is happening is leading to greater self- discovery and personal development, two things I have fully committed to in my life. It is my life’s path. Even the suffering that I have every day has contributed to my complete wholeness and magnificence because I have grown in my ability to be compassionate and loving towards myself and others.

It has helped me to fully embrace the fullness of my internal life including my fear, grief and deep sadness over my suffering. It is completely empowering and liberating to hold both the beauty of the complexity of my internal world and to feel such joy for being so wide awake and fully alive.

It is also during this reflection time that I really come into the fullness of being connected to all that is. It is time where I feel the fullness of unity consciousness. I do live a mystic’s life in relationship and my world has never felt so expanded and full. I am one with all that is. I have learned to walk gently with my own internal world and with all that is around me. Today I live the greatest of prayers, a state of complete gratitude for all that is.


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