Monthly Archives: September 2017

A Grateful Heart

Today I have decided to publish my gratitude list that I do every morning. It is a beautiful way to start my day.

  • So grateful I have found the magical moments between 3-5 am when I feel so deeply connected to the energies of the universe, the cosmos and my own deep intuition.
  • So grateful for the gift of curiosity that has come into my life. I am interested in exploring the science of the living universe. I am interested in exploring the cosmos and the psyche. I am interested in exploring so many things. It is a beautiful gift to have found in my life and I get to have this gift for the rest of my life even though I have to hold the suffering that goes with it.¬†¬†Today and every day, I have the daily practices and medications to help me manage the suffering to a degree so I am grateful for that.
  • So grateful that I feel life is a beautiful adventure and that I can hold Radical Unknowingness in this adventure. I look at aging as an adventure but I have no idea how it will go. However, I find it really exciting to see the changes that are happening as I age. What I do know is that I will keep this gift of inner aliveness that I have found in the last 13 years even though it causes me suffering. I can embrace again Radical Unknowingness with what happens during death and after death but I do know that my life will feed others some day so in that way I think of myself as being eternal.
  • So grateful that I found the energy to walk 30 minutes with my family and to do my Qigong. Due to my chronic fatigue I was unable to do them yesterday or sometimes for days at a time.
  • So grateful I am making the choice to explore my relationship with food. I am choosing to eat just whole foods, nothing from a box and eliminating sugar, dairy and gluten to see if it helps my overall condition. However, the main reason I am doing it is that over the last 13 years I have developed a deep love affair with my body and I want to treat it in respectful, holistic ways. It is not about weight for me, it is about loving my body tenderly.

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