Monthly Archives: March 2018

Self-Creating and Self-Generating

It is an early morning rising again but I use the time in such a life affirming way for me as I go into deep meditation and reflection. Today I have been reflecting on Barbara Marx Hubbard’s Code 13 – “I am an Element of the universe always self-creating and self-generating.” It was powerful just to sit with this happening within my body. I am so challenged by my body but at the same time I am in awe of the trillions of cells that are constantly self-creating and self-generating and I don’t have to do a thing. Certainly I eat right and exercise to the best of my ability. In addition, I live a life that is vibrant and evolving. There is this level of exploration and discovery with every day. It is exciting to wake up and to greet dawn with this sense of awe of what and how my life will unfold and evolve today. Today, it was simply about spending time with my central nervous system and believing that it too is self-creating and self-generating. I just need to rest as a living element of the universe constantly regenerating. It is a powerful and simple way to live. It makes my world so vast and at the same time, connected, intimate and pleasurable.


A Fully Embodied Life

I am having a really difficult day with my body and my brain fog. I am truly challenged to do anything right now but I know that I can always write. I realize that it might not be my best piece of work due to my confusion and definitely blurry vision.

It is really powerful to hold the pensive sadness and grief over the pain body I am in this morning. I am grateful to be able to be using my fingers to type and at the same time, feel the lightness, beauty and wonder for my body as it is. Who would have thought I would come to this profound place of joy, peace, love, sadness and grief. I am so grateful for the deep listening I am able to do within my mental mind, my physical and energetic body and my heart center. I am grateful to feel the fullness of my human experience. I am so fully alive, so fully human and that is where my spirituality lies, in my humanness.

I never thought that I could be so in love with my body as it is. Continue reading