Working with Fatigue

My fatigue has really taken over this last week. It was not only physical fatigue but a complete mental fatigue causing great brain fog. I have found it frustrating because there is so much I want to do. Most importantly though is that I have been able to care for my fatigue with such love and compassion. I have rested most of this week and have spent more time in deep stillness and contemplation. It has brought me to a deeper connection to the energy within me and around me.

I have felt such a connection to the rhythm of the moon and ocean and I don’t even live by the ocean but I felt at one with it all. This has come from the deep stillness I can now touch into at any moment to stabilize and connect to the source of energy within and around me. I think it is such a wonder to have such a deep connection and intimacy with all that is around me. The level of intimacy I have in my life continues to grow deeper and deeper. My life is so rich. I have even found the richness in my illnesses by lovingly and tenderly feeling the fullness of my grief and pensive sadness. My spirituality lies in being able to hold with a fearless compassion the fullness of my humanness and being able to compassionately and empathetically reach out to others in their humanness. Today I live out this truth in my every day experience through the diversity of people I meet in my online communities all over the globe from the sanctuary of my home.


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