About Me and Copyright

I am a woman in my mid 50’s who is working daily on the hard task of managing Severe, Chronic, Complex Post Traumatic Stress while choosing to live a simple, purposeful, and meaningful life. For the past 10 years, I have been on this intense inner journey and waded through many years of the Dark Nights of the Soul (Moore, T., 2004) where I did not think I could live anymore with the pain and suffering I was in. Through the last 10 years, I developed a series of routines, tools, and relationships that help me manage my PTSD on a daily basis. In addition, this decade long process has helped me to heal the shaming effects of trauma, recover a sense of my own self worth and create agency for myself. Also, this time has given me an understanding of my past and its impact on the present including how it effects me mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. Finally, it has taken me to this place where I freely choose to break the silence of my story in a very public manner through the use of this blog. I choose to do this both for my own need to live a purposeful life and with a hope that someone else may benefit from the sharing of my story.

Areas of Interest

  • Bioenergetics and PTSD
  • Inner City Schools and PTSD
  • Transformational Learning and PTSD
  • Evolving into living a more sustainable, peaceful, socially just and purposeful driven life while optimizing my physical, mental and energetic well-being.


Unless otherwise stated, all content on this blog is the original work of Janet Cate, and is subject to copyright protection. If you quote any material, please give proper credit to the author.
©2014 Janet Cate

4 thoughts on “About Me and Copyright

  1. Michael33

    Hi Janetcate… I’ve been prowling around your site and find your understanding of your own emotions to be amazing. I hope you continue posting your feelings, your methods of coping and your progress. Your writing will help others in similar situations. When you have the time, I’d like you to read one of my posts, The Fall of Innocence… you can go directly to it at http://visionofpoets.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/the-fall-of-innocence/ I think you will enjoy reading it and understand why I’d like to share it with you. Thanks for sharing a small part of your life with us and I’ll be following to keep up with it. Have a beautiful evening…

    1. janetcate Post author

      Thanks Michael! One of the gifts of going through a 10 year Dark Night of the Soul was to really come to understand you internal world. I am well aware of my emotional life but am still challenged by regulating them – an effect of PTSD.. I am not a writer by trade, The only way I can write is directly from the heart and my experiences. I do hope people find them helpful. I have really enjoyed the process of learning how to blog and to connect with other bloggers. Grateful to have found you work


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